About Us

About Us

In late 2022 after the launch of TaskFunnels 2.0, Trouble Free Video split away from the main operation and became a stand alone division of the Trouble Free Employees. 

Since Trouble Free Employees was founded in 2015, our video editing services have been in increasingly high demand. When we first started out, we opted to only work with select clients who were willing to pay high retainer fees for our ongoing services. As we have grown we’ve been able to perfect and streamline our processes which have enabled us to be able to bring our video editing services to the masses. 

With the release of TaskFunnels 2.0 in late 2022 we were finally able to offer video editing as a task based service. This made things easier for smaller clients because it does not require our clients to have to commit to a full time editor in order to work with us. They can simply put in any edit requests they want into the system and they will only get billed for the hours spent on their projects.

This allows us to provide video editing on demand. Our task based solution is simple, easy and efficient. That's how we like things to be and our clients love us for it. 
Our video editing services are customized for each of our clients. Normally in the beginning it will take us a bit to get accustomed to your preferences of how you want things to look and the pace you want your videos edited at. In addition, if you have a large library of B-Roll it can take some time for the editors to become familiar with what's in there and where exactly things are located. However, once we get through that learning phase we are typically able to crank out work for our clients over and over again and our system is designed so that if your shooting schedule creates more work than one editor on their own can handle it is very easy for you to scale up your team to handle larger demand. 

The best part is that if you no longer have so much work you can scale back down just as easily as you scaled up. We're here to help however we can, whenever we can!

Have some questions? Feel free to schedule a meeting with us at the time that is best for you and we will be happy to provide answers to everything we can. Choosing your video editing supplier is a big decision so we want to make sure that you have all the information you need in order to get started on the right foot.  
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